Node Rewards

To reward users effectively and reduce sell pressure from reward payouts, there is an optional staking mechanism.

Node rewards will give holders the option to stake their XODEX for:

  • XODEX Rewards
  • Vested XODEX (vXODEX)
  • Multiplier Points

Fees generated from the ecosystem are converted to XODEX and used for rewarding node operators.

Operators have the option to compound, or claim rewards. Compounding will stake multiplier points and vXODEX, increasing rewards over time.

Claiming transfers reduced rewards to your wallet.


vXODEX can be used in two ways:

  • Staked for rewards similar to XODEX tokens.
  • Vested to become actual XODEX tokens over a period of one year.

Each staked vXODEX token will earn the same amount of rewards as a regular XODEX token. vXODEX tokens can be converted into XODEX through vesting.

When vesting is initiated, the average amount of XODEX that was used to earn the vXODEX rewards will be reserved.