Node Operators

What is a Node?

The XODEX ecosystem relies on XODEX nodes. Each node actively participates in the ecosystem's expansion by delivering essential functions needed to maintain a secure, decentralized network.

Key features of the XODEX node network include:

Network Connectivity and Security

Allowing and securing connections to the network.

Asset Circulation

The responsibility of exchanging assets on the exchange and blockchain.

Node Owner Rewards

Owning a XODEX node is a great way to participate in the network and receive passive income. Running a node significantly contributes to the security and expansion of the XODEX ecosystem and owners who meet the daily requirements for their node receive daily XODEX distributions as a reward.

NFT Licensing

An NFT will be minted for each node, which acts as an operating license as well as proof of ownership. After 12 months, node holders are able to sell or exchange their node on online marketplaces.

Fixed Cap Size

The total number of XODEX nodes will always remain capped at 1,500. This ensures that rewards are not diluted and continue to increase as the ecosystem grows.

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