How to buy XODEX on Pancake Swap

XODEX can be purchased on BNB Smart Chain network by using Pancake Swap


Creation Date: March 19, 2023

1. Go to www.xo-dex.com

2. Click on the BUY XODEX button

Step 2 screenshot

3. This will take you to pancake swap website with the XODEX official contract already added. (Or click here)

The contract address will automatically be added for you, if it is not, you can add it manually, the official address is - 0xb81408a1cC2f4be70a6a3178D351ca95A77C5A06

You can confirm this on Coinmarketcap

4. Click on Connect Wallet to connect your wallet to Pancake swap

Step 4 screenshot

5. Click on the wallet you use, Metamask / Trust wallet / Wallet Connect

Step 5 screenshot

6. If XODEX was not automatically added for you, this is where you enter the contract address - 0xb81408a1cC2f4be70a6a3178D351ca95A77C5A06

Step 6 screenshot

7. Use BNB for your trade for a better price impact

Step 7 screenshot

8. Here you can select BNB from the drop down box ( Ensure you have enough for Gas as the smart chain network uses gas)

Step 8 screenshot

9. Click on the settings logo to change the slippage

Step 9 screenshot

10. Enter 12% ( If the price is volatile you may need to increase this to 13-14)

Step 10 screenshot

11. Click on Close the dialog

Step 11 screenshot

12. Click on Swap

Step 12 screenshot

13. Click on Confirm Swap

You will now be prompted by your wallet app to confirm the transaction, please click confirm transaction in MetaMask or Trust wallet Step 13 screenshot

14. Once the transaction is complete you can click on Add XODEX to Wallet to add the XODEX contract to you wallet

Your balance will show in your wallet once you have done this. Step 14 screenshot

15. Click on Close, You have now successfully purchased XODEX

Step 15 screenshot

Contract addresses