How to launch a project

This tutorial will show you how to create a public presale on the XOPAD launchpad

Creation Date: March 20, 2023


1. Go to

Step 1 screenshot

2. Click connect wallet in the top right corner

Step 2 screenshot

3. Select MetaMask or Wallet connect for other web 3 wallets

Please ensure you are connected to the XODEX network

For information on how to add the network to your wallet please refer to the XODEX tutorials at Step 3 screenshot

4. Click create pre-sale in the menu on the left of the page

Step 4 screenshot

5. You will see the following page

Step 5 screenshot

6. This is where you enter your tokens contract address

Token must have been deployed on the XODEX network Step 6 screenshot

7. Click enable to allow access to your token

Step 7 screenshot

8. Please click confirm

Step 8 screenshot

9. Now click Next to continue setting up your pre-sale

Step 9 screenshot

10. Choose the currency to raise for the pre-sale

Please note: Only XODEX is used for raising funds and liquidity on XOPAD and the XODEX network, you can purchase XODEX on the pancake swap and bridge to the XODEX network, or bridge BUSD to the XODEX network and purchase XODEX on the official swap. Step 10 screenshot

11. Please read the fees

To create the pre-sale there is a $170 charge which will be charged in XODEX.

2% of the raised funds in XODEX will also be charged on finalisation once the pre-sale ends. Step 11 screenshot

12. This is where you will enter your pre-sale information

Enable or disable white list feature Step 12 screenshot

13. Enter your Presale rate

This is the price you wish your tokens to be sold at during the pre-sale

As it is paired with XODEX you will need to work out the price based on the current XODEX price, there is a display at the bottom of the page for you to check this against the $ amount to ensure your launch price is correct.

As the price of XODEX will change just like with BNB, it will not be a static amount and will depend on your own token supply, your market cap and token launch price in $ Step 13 screenshot

14. Enter your soft cap

This is the minimum you wish to raise for the Presale Step 14 screenshot

15. Enter your hardcap amount

This is the MAX amount to raise, once this is hit you can launch at any time

If it is not hit but the soft cap has been reached, you will be able to launch when your Pre-sale timer runs out Step 15 screenshot

16. Enter the minimum a user is able to contribute to the Presale

Remember this is in XODEX so please check the current XODEX price and work out how much you wish each user to be able to participate

eg. XODEX is $0.05 and you wish users to be able to add $20

This would be 400 XODEX

20 / 0.05 = 400 Step 16 screenshot

17. Please enter the maximum a user can participate

Remember this is in XODEX so please check the current XODEX price and work out how much you wish each user to be able to participate

eg. XODEX is $0.05 and you wish users to be able to add a maximum of $200

This would be 4000 XODEX

200 / 0.05 = 4000 XODEX

It is the dollar amount divided by the token price to = the total coins needed. Step 17 screenshot

18. Select your start time

Step 18 screenshot

19. Select your end time

Pre-sales can launch anytime after the hard cap is filled

If only the soft cap is filled, you have to wait until the time finishes Step 19 screenshot

20. Choose which network

XODEX is the only network at the moment on XOPAD Step 20 screenshot

21. Please select the price you wish to launch at publicly

This is the price the token will launch at when live on the XODEX swap Step 21 screenshot

22. Enter how much of the raised funds will be used for liquidity

The minimum is 50% Step 22 screenshot

23. Please enter how long you wish to lock you liquidity with XOPAD

Users prefer a project with a longer locked LP, it gives users confidence as the LP can not be removed Step 23 screenshot

24. Here you will see your price per token on launch information and marketcap

Please check this is correct before the next stage Step 24 screenshot

25. If your contract has fees or max transfer limits it is very important you exclude the pre-sale address from these fees.

If this is not excluded when you finalise the presale, it will fail, please ensure this is done Step 25 screenshot

26. Click next

Step 26 screenshot

27. Please upload your LOGO URL + Project information

Step 27 screenshot

Step 28 screenshot

29. Click next once complete

Please double check all information is correct Step 29 screenshot

30. Check information is all correct

Step 30 screenshot

31. Check information is all correct

Step 31 screenshot

32. Final check

Step 32 screenshot

33. Click create Presale

Step 33 screenshot

34. Click confirm in your meta mask wallet

Please ensure you have the correct fee for the contract creation as shown on the second page Step 34 screenshot

35. Congratulations you have now created your Presale on XOPAD!