The blockchain

Understanding zero-gas

A zero-gas network means no gas is required to send transactions on the blockchain.


The XODEX blockchain has all the benefits of gas and without the pitfalls.

To keep the blockchain EVM compatible - the concept of gas still exists within the network. Blocks still have a maximum (yet variable) size, for example.

This means the network can adjust the block size to meet the demand of the network instead of being congested and rocketing gas prices. This also keeps the validator requirements efficiently in line with the network demand.


Frontrunning isn't a concern on the XODEX network. Everyone pays the same price - ZERO.


Usually in a blockchain network. Validators earn money by processing transactions.

The XODEX blockchain is efficient and fast enough that gas prices would never be high, even with gas. So we eradicated it.

Validators earn money by sharing pools of XODEX profits.